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Hi, my names Hannah and hair is my thing. Yep, I’m proud as punch about it too! 14 years in the industry brings me to the highlight though- opening my own space! I was genuinely never interested in running or even owning a salon but 2020 threw a curve ball at everyone and the idea of my own creative space, really started to press my buttons.

I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside some of the industries most talented people, learning and growing as much as I can as a stylist. After spending 4 years purely as a colourist, I figured out my passion really is doing the whole process, from start to finish. I'm friendly, fun, honest and genuinely love making people feel great about themselves. My goal is to provide beautiful hair that is personalised completely for you and your lifestyle. I hope to educate you on maintenance and styling along the way, so it looks great not only when you leave the salon but between appointments too!

But that’s enough about me. Talk to me about your hair!

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